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    Thanks for all the well wishes, folks.  I knew I had a keeper when I was talking to her about the .270 WSM I was thinking about buying with Christmas money from my family I'd been saving for the past 3 years, and she looked at me like I was an idiot and told me to go buy it.  She's quite a bit better than a twit like me deserves.

    And she's a big fan of the Q as well.  I'm looking forward to the journey.

  2. I got a Springfield XPS 45 and a Comark insta read digital meat thermometer. Was a great Christmas with the kids and grand kids home...smoked up a prime rib with the fixings. That is always a big hit!!!
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    It is a good thing to marry up... Mine loves Q and so does her family. So I am safe for now....
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    Nice shooter....  Crimson Trace goes well with that....  About like the AMNPS goes with the MES....  or the Cyber Q goes with your Weber... Match made in heaven...  
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    I got a Food Saver vacuum sealing system, set of bear paws, pigtail meat flipper, big jug of Smokin Guns HOT, food Grade black meat handling gloves, new apron, Pizza Hut gift card, and a certificate to the Outdoor chef located her in lubbock($100), and a 17 piece BBQ set. Gonna have to try the paws out on a butt this weekend. Hope you all had a great Christmas!!![​IMG][​IMG]

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    Wife and I agreed nothing for each other since we buy what we want during the year, I get more when that happens.
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    She.....I mean Santa.....knows I'm effing mental about Q.  I've been droppin' hints about an instant read thermometer.

    I got.............snowshoes and a steering wheel cover.     [​IMG]

    Not even close, but it's the thought that counts.
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    Santa showed up with all sorts of cooking things, as well as a new deep fryer, and my sausage making equipment!!

  9. Khaki Colored Thermapen with Stars and Stripes on it..Taylormade Penta dzn, callaway Jacket and my family except my brother at my house enjoying my Smoked Prime Rib
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    How do you like the bear paws???
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    Smoked prime rib???

    Do you use brine? Rub?
  12. Just salt..pepper...onion power..garlic powder. Season the night before and let the roast sit in the fridge overnight. Preheat the smoker to 275...then drop the heat to 230 when the roast is put in the smoker. Smoke with hickory dust in my AMPNS until the IT reaches 130*- 132*...remove roast...let rest tented with foil 15-20 minutes and slice away. 


    Here is a Q-view i did of a Prime Rib for fathers day in 2011...
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  13. I was fortunate to receive a new 22.5 WSM, 2 BBQ cook books (BBQ Bible, by Steve Raichlen and America's Best BBQ, by Ardie Davis and Paul Kirk), and a new Waring Pro meat grinder/sausage maker. I must have been really good this last year.
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    Looks amazing, I'll have to try!
    Was always told I'm stupid for wanting to try.
    And it's a investment ... Guess I never had the balls.......
  15. Merry Christmas everyone.  I guess you could say I got what I wanted....kinda.  My old Brinkman charcoal smoker rusted out so I had to scrap it last months.  My awesome wife bought me a new electric smoker for Christmas.  It's not what I had in mind but at the same time I'm happy with it.  (Had hoped for a MES)  Money has been a bit tight lately so I'm happy seeing the extra money spent on the kids.

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    Congrats !!!!
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    Now thats a present!!!
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    X 2
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