So scared but am doing my 1st brisket! Q-view!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by gimmeharmony, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Here is my brisket.  Got it at Costco, separated the flat and point, rub applied, then did an overnight with my awesome AMNPS in the MES30!  Loaded it with Pitmaster's Choice and charcoal pellets.

    WOW - what a success and the family LOVED it!!!!  YAY!!!

    I will put a few pics here:


    Notice the AMPNS fully ashed out in the next pic!!!  What a great product!

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  2. whoa that looks like it turned out awesome! Hard to believe thats your first try, just imagine how much better they will get :)
  3. Looks great! Congrats on a successful brisket!
  4. hambone1950

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    So what am I looking at here? Is that all the trimmed fat on the top shelf and then the two hunks of brisket under?
    How much did your brisket weigh when you bought it? It looks really good , by the way.
  5. good job on the brisket. now anything is possible. lol.
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    I was wondering what that was too.

    Looks really juicy

  7. My first brisket got tossed over the deck into the woods. I was a four time loser before I got the hang of a brisket you could even eat (I should have come here for help much sooner than I did). Your first try looks awesome [​IMG]
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    Mouth watering.....darn it, and I have only salad for lunch....grrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Nice work!
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  9. [​IMG]That looks great

    Nothing better than a brisket.

    Happy smoken.

  10. There should be a thread for "Most miserable failed 1st attempt at a Brisket."

    I'd qualify for that category.  Here's my story:

    So, when I was freshly married (maybe about a year or two), I got a little Brinkman drum smoker, a thirty dollar job.  I followed the instructions INSIDE OF THE SMOKER on how to do brisket.....

    That brisket was so chewy, you could make footballs with it.  We ended up throwing it out, and I swore I'd never attempt to smoke another item ever again.

    That is, until Father's day a few years ago.  The wife got me a side firebox for my Char Griller, a rack of ribs, and said, "Happy Father's Day - get busy."

    One week later, I was hooked, after ever having the best ribs I'd ever tasted in my entire LIFE (I'd swear they were [​IMG]).  Been smoking stuff ever since.
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    I have never gotten brisket the way I want and I have done four of them. The first couple I had the taste and the last one I had the pull like a rubberband. I have to get them both right together.

    I just got the WSM 22 and hopefully I'll get er goin right!
  12. How exactly are you preparing and smoking your brisket?
  13. I've ruined a few briskets myself before finally getting a process down right that I like.  And when I say process,  I follow Myron Mixon's high heat method right out of his book with one caveat.  I put the brisket in a cooler to "rest" instead of wrapping the pan with a blanket.  

    With that said,  I like the idea of putting the fat over the brisket(s) and letting it drip down as it cooks.  I'm not exactly sure how that would work with the high heat method but I might try it. 

    Makes me hungry looking at it.  Good job !
  14. Yes - that is the trimmed fat on top.  The brisket was about 11lbs.  I separated the flat and point myself as the MES30 just is not big enough to hold a full brisket packer.
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