So my coal tray turned to mush in the middle of a smoke

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by macboogie, May 14, 2013.

  1. macboogie

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    and this prevented any airflow. also this bag of cowboy lump was really really small pieces this time so it just started falling through. i actually pulled the coal tray out in the middle of smoking so i could move around the coals that were now sitting on the bottom of my SFB and only 8-10 pieces were still on top of it. i'm going to build a minion box before my next time BUT until then i had to rig something up to help with the issues this was causing on the current smoke because temps dropped. so here is how i rigged it up and temps got back acceptable. laugh all you want that's what i posted it for lol. 

    i can laugh at myself, pretty damn funny isnt it? 
  2. oldschoolbbq

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    MacBoogie, hello. I see you are into 'out of the box' repairs. I think I recognize you Smoker type [​IMG].

    You could get a piece of 1/4" expanded metal to fit in the FB as the top of the Coal Tray . The addition of fuel could be done through the FB door(top) and leaving the space under the "grate" for Air circulation to the fuel.

    Send Q-view of the entire Smoker and how it operates.

    Meanwhile , have fun and ...
  3. macboogie

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    hey thanks for the warm welcome.  It's a chargriller with SFB. i'm going to do some more modifications to it like a minion box baffle and tuning plates this was just a quick fix for the smoke at hand. I'm thinking about building a UDS also sometime in the next week or two also. i'm just having fun it's summer in Michigan so life is good right now. 

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