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  1. im smoking as i type this. i went and bought a maverick remote temperature device placed in the smoker through a potato. my stack is at crate level probe is reading 50 degrees cooler than smoker thermometer switch is a good one. so when yall talk about cooking temps are yall talking about at grate level r thermometer on smoker. and by the way after my food is done i will check the smoker thermometer on ice water to make sure it is reading correctly
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    Smoking temps taken right at grate level are the best and if possible thats what should be used. Seems the factory thermometers are rarely accurate
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    Not only should you check it in ice water, but check it in boiling water to calibrate that end of the temp spectrum. You bought a quality thermometer so at least you're off to the right start.
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    Just to add this as well.  Some of the thermo's are using for measuing the internal temp of the meat that is being smoked at that time as well.  As a smoker, you don't really want to smoke by time as much as you want to smoke by the internal temperature on the meat you are smoking.  If your Maverick is the ET-73 model, you can watch both the grill level temp & the meat temp as well.
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    Well how did it turn out??
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    Ok now we have you using the right thermometer you do need to test it too. Now you need to do the boiling water and the ice water trick to get the both ends of the specdrum. Now I hope your food comes out alright and I'm sure it will. Now that you have finished your food we need to talk about the Qview part of smoking around here. Now we don't get to taste the food but we need the Qview to fill our needs. If you need here's a link to the tutorial on posting pictures/Qview.
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  7. food came out good not great but i learn couple more things about my smoker and me

    1 right side of my smoker is hotter than my left side ( my smoker does have a piece of metal welded across to direct firebox heat down )

    2 it takes a lot of lump charcoal to cook for 4 hrs

    3 i need to trust the thermometers (the one that read correctly) :)

    4 last but not least i need to be PATIENCE

    i meant to post pics this time but i got side track with temperature problems.

    this leads to new question what do i do with r about the hot side of the smoker was thinking to put my water pan there so i dont use it r cook something that does take long to cook i dont know. what do yall do ?

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