So I tried this on-line ring bologna recipe...

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  1. I just joined and this is my first post. We love ring bologna but the store bought stuff is non-palatable so to speak. Found a recipe online and decided to try it. It involved half deer and half pork sausage. Went to the store and had a choice between Jimmy Dean at $6/lb or Shurfine at $1.5/lb so I chose the cheaper stuff. The recipe called for 2 TBSP of tenderquick for each pound which sounded like alot but I did it cause that's what it said to do. Added the mustard seed, onion powder, garlic powder etc. Smoked it for 3 hrs in the Bradley at low temp then switched to what I read here and poached it at 170 until internal temp reached 155. I was suprised how quickly it heated up inside the baloney. Didn't have proper casings so I stuffed it into some 2" stuff I had laying around from a kit some time back. The flavor is actually pretty good but verrry greasy

    I ordered some proper balogna collagen rounds and when it arrives I will try Nepas Amish bologna recipe. Maybe cut the pork with some deer or elk. So much deer and elk in the freezer I have to include one or the other in every batch.

    In the past I have made alot of Trail Bologna from Lems' Backwoods seasoning and it has been popular with the family.

    I quickly deduced that Nepas is the bologna guru and have been dissecting all posts gathering knowledge.

    Looking forward to the future!

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    Yes that is way to much TQ. You should use 1/4 OZ per LB of ground meat.Their are several good recipes here. Take some time and use the search bar. Happy smoken.


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    Benson, morning.... yep.... 1/4 oz or 1/2 TBS. per pound, or 1 1/2 tsp per pound.... below is an explanation of different cures.... By NO MEANS is this all you need to know, but a start... Your sausage will be fine, just a little salty....

    Recipes on line can have errors and you need to be "up to date" on your curing skills and knowledge.... Just one more example of why to not use recipes you find "on line", "on blogs" or in "books"..... all can have misprints or folks doing the posting that don't know the difference between tsp. and Tbs. or TBS...
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  4. Dave, I am not disagreeing with you so don't take this as I am trying to start something. I am a newbie myself and I get most all of my smoke recipes off this site...therefore I fall into the above. If we should not use recipes you find "on line", "on blogs" or in "books, where then do we get them and or how do you suggest we confirm that they are correct?
  5. I think what Dave is more concerned about is us having the knowledge ourselves regarding correct amounts of Cure to use. Not knowing that 2 TBS of TQ is way too much and simply following a recipe (even if it's from SMF) just isn't good form. Especially when dealing with Cure's and the like. He's not telling us not to use anything offline, in books, or on blogs. He saying that you should understand what's going into your sausage and why.

    Many recipes can have misprints or someone just doesn't know what they are doing. Just like anything in life, it's important to have an understanding of how to make something safely before attempting to make it.
  6. Correct! Read the label. Just because someone has done it and is still alive doesn't mean it is correct. Cure is one of those things that to little is bad and to much is bad. After that if you want to use a pound of X instead of a once of X it will only change the taste but it will probably be safe to eat.

    Happy smoken.

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    It's your responsibility to get educated so you know when a recipe has a typo or some inexperienced person put it up, or transcribed it....

    Now, this forum is a great place to learn if you take the time to read recipes and questions, or papers from the government like the FSIS/USDA or papers from universities....
  8. So a guy's not supposed to learn it,,,,just know it before you try anything. okayyyyyy.

    I wonder if Nepos recipes is safe to try? I'm gonna take a chance...[​IMG]
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    Benson..... You are supposed to "QUESTION" recipes you find on-line, on blogs and in books because there can be errors from various things.... people, typos, and inept transcribers... and all the tools to learn about curing are available from REPUTABLE sources... U-TUBE is not a reputable source.....
    Marianski has had errors in his books.... Kutas has had errors in his books.... the list goes on....

    Just trying to make folks aware.... Even on TV, chefs have omitted adding cure when smoking meats and sausages.....

    nepas recipes are quality.... he's been doing this for 25 years.... at least that's what he admits to.... and when he says, "This recipe uses cure #2, get educated before you try it"..... believe him..... that goes for using cure #1 also.....
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    It's not that hard to check the stated cure amount for correctness. There is a cure calculator for different types of cures to weight ratio around here somewhere. I will see if I can find it. Unless that is someone has it saved.

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