So I got my new WSM....

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  1. So I got my new WSM and I am anxious to season it today, and living in Alberta we just got ride of our snow so the yard is muck.  So my question is can you run the WSM on a wooden deck?  or should I go get a 12''x12'' concrete stone from home depot?  I see there is a deflector plate on the bottom of the smoker but is that enough to decipate the heat?  This may sound like a silly question, but I have always used a propane smoker in the past first time using charcoal.  Thanks!
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    I use mine on a wood deck all the time..

    I do have a small sheet of paneling catch drippings more than a fire wall..

    I usually hose down the area before starting it up to extinguish and ashes the might escape the start up..

    No troubles yet...and I sometimes crank it up and let it run all nite with butts....

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    On a wood deck with mine for 4 years with no issues. The WSM does a great job of keeping all the coals in.
  4. I run mine on a wood deck also. I use grill mats from Lowes. Gotta admit they're kinda pricey. It's not the cooker but the chimney starter you gotta be careful of. Be sure to check that the coals are all accounted for when you pour them from the chimney into the cooker: none left in the chimney and all went onto the minion pile.
  5. Thanks everyone!

    Got some BB Ribs going on in about an hours time!!

    First smoke on the WSM!!  LOL I'm pretty Pumped!

    Thanks again,



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