So I completely bit off more than I could chew. Some help would be great.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by rbeau1990, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. rbeau1990

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    So as we know the superbowl is sunday and my boss has elected me to do all the cooking (I may have opened my pie hole). And if its good itll land me a raise.

    Problem is I have touched a smoker in probably 4 years ive been driving otr. So im so out of practice its ridiculous.  Have 5 slabs of ribs and 2 briskets to be done.

    Big thing with him is has to be moist moist he likes the smoke ring and a good bark.

    I tried to search but doing so failed miserably on my phone.

    My better half just picked this up on sale

    and ive got a lifetime supply of hickory.

    I dont wanna though in the towel but I also dont wanna make myself look like a fool
  2. alblancher

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    That's a small offset smoker. 

    What are your concerns?
  3. noboundaries

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    Just ribs, no problem.  Two briskets though, out of practice, a new smoker, and one week to kickoff?  Yeah, you like big bites.  

    The link doesn't work here.  Is it the Master Forge Smoker/Grill for about $60?  Tell us what you got.
  4. rbeau1990

    rbeau1990 Newbie

    Char-Broil Longhorn 1060-sq in Charcoal Horizontal Smoker

    Concerns really are getting it moist and good flavor. My usual course of action for brisket is the following

    12 pound brisket got two of them.
    minimal trimming of fat.

    Marinate overnight in a dr pepper mixture with a few ounces of makers mark.

    Remove pat dry

    Slight glaze of brown mustard then add the rub.

    ramp up to about 140 over 3-5 hours then let it go about 160 for about 45 min a pound then wrap it foil and finish at 190 for 3-4 hours. Then wrap in towels and put in cooler.

    ive got good flavour with this. Would love some more smoke ring for presentation and some more moisture.
  5. alblancher

    alblancher Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    For brisket we normally run at  225 - 250 degrees.  Once the brisket gets smoke and reaches 160 or so a lot of people will wrap it in foil and add a bit of moisture, the marinade you described would work well.  Keep it in the foil to 190-195 internal temps if you want to slice,  200 - 205 if you want to pull.  Like you mentioned wrap in foil and towels.  Leave in an ice chest for a couple of hours

    Do you separate the point from the flat?   If you are out of practice it may make it a bit easier.  The flat tends to cook faster and could possibly dry out while the point is still cooking.

    There are tons of great posts on this site about doing briskets.  Remember you can always smoke for 4 or 5 hours to get the smoke flavor then place the meat in an oven to finish cooking.  I mentioned the oven because you will find temps a bit difficult to control with the small off-set and you will have keep the fire well tended. 
  6. dj mishima

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  7. So...

    How'd the cook go?  Better than the game, I hope?

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