So how accurate is the temps in my MES 40" gen 2?

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  1. Since Santa got me a new lime green Maverick 733 and I have been curious to see how off the temps were in my MES 40", so I did a lil test today while smoking a pair of yard birds, I was actually kinda surprised the temps were as close as they were:

    Shows temp inside smoker, stunned how close these were:

    (253 on MES display/remote and 257 on 733!)

    Shows MES probe temp, NOT surprised this was off:

    (143 of MES display/remote versus 127 on 733, a 16 degree difference, which I  heard the norm was about 20 degrees off)

    Overall I was quite pleased, my new years day yard birds will be killer none the less and were making some black eye suzies w/pork butt chunks, crab boil cabbage, and some good old fashioned cornbread, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    Looks like you have an accurate controller

    Measure each rack and in multiple places on each rack

    Don't let the temp probe touch the metal racks

    I have to set my controller to 205ish to maintain 225-230 on the middle racks

    If I set the controller to 275, the middle racks will be over 300 degrees
  3. Good info thanks, BTW I have your AMNTS still in my stocking w/some killer pellets too I am dying to try out....soon. :)
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    In No Way is my post meant to be a slam on the Gen 2

    Every smoker will have it's own characteristics and you need to know them

    Each of my 4 MES 40's have a little diff temp on the center racks and I just compensate by raising or lowering the controller temp.
  5. Not taken to be a slam in any fashion, I work in manufacturing and understand these things are massed produced in high volume in China so variances will normally occur, very pleased with mine in the 6mths I have owned it. [​IMG]

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