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    Thanks to Scarbelly for adding me to the group!   Even though it is designed to promote competitive BBQ, the information that is provided at the meetings will help any type of cook / BBQr and all are welcome to hang out.  Here's the basics for the SoCal Meat Up group.

    Mentoring new competitive BBQ enthusiast and teams has always been a goal of many BBQ Teams as that's how they got their start in competitive BBQ competitions – a few people in Southern California have taken it a step further by creating the SoCal MeatUp group to help this process. The group was formed by Andy (Rooftop BBQ), Aaron (Meat, Inc.), Andy (Master of Disaster), and Pete (Screaming Pete) among others. Recently we held our first "meating" to discuss some goals and what we wanted to get out of the group. Over 20 individuals attended the inaugural meeting including more than 10 individuals considering on creating a competition BBQ team, 4 certified KCBS Judges, and several experienced competition BBQ Teams and professional cooks.

    SoCal MeatUp was created with several key goals in mind

    * Introduce Competition BBQ to fans, cooks, and individuals considering on becoming or getting involved with competition BBQ

    * Host and organize friendly backyard competitions to help new teams gain the confidence and understanding process of competition BBQ

    * Meet other Competition BBQ enthusiast and judges who share a similar passion for BBQ and competing in a friendly environment

    * Provide a Team mentoring program by pairing new up and coming teams with existing teams, allowing   individuals to pair up with existing teams prior to starting their own team and pair individuals with other individuals to establish new competitive teams

    * Review and promote various BBQ cooking devices, sauces, and meats

    * Discuss various BBQ cooking techniques and hints to give competitors a competitive edge

    * Meet new friends and have a good time

    If your interested in learning the art of competitive BBQ or just what it takes to compete please contact via e-mail at [email protected], or our FB page and let us know your interested in attending the next meeting. 

    The only additional thing I would like to add is - this is a group for all of us.  There are no specific leaders so in order for the group to be successful, we all need to participate when we can.  I look forward to meeting lots of new people if not at the Meat Up! meetings, then at least at the competitions we are in.  Please introduce yourselves and say hi!

    Thanks - Aaron
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    Thanks Aaron - please let us know when and where the next meeting will be. This really sounds like a great group and lots of fun  
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    Hey guys!

    Anyone looking to get into competitive BBQ - So Cal Meat Up is having its next meeting.  We are going to "meat" up at Freddy Rays BBQ Restaurant in Lake Elsinore - Sunday March 4 from 1230 - 1600. 

    Topic for discussion is check lists - what to bring to a competition.  This is one of the last things thought about and can easily turn a competition upside down.  Plenty of really great teams will be on hand to talk about how to formulate your list - to bring enough but not too much or too little.  You can take notes but I'm sure a few of the teams will provide electronic copies (I will) of their check lists.

    We will also support a local member of our BBQ community by eating some great chow at their restaurant.

    Questions?  Ask away! 

    Need more info?  Ask me or take a look at the facebook page too!
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    Hey Aaron 

    Thanks for posting the date and location.  I will be out of town that weekend but will be in touch for a copy of the list.  

    So Cal Smokers 

    Please contact Aaron via a PM if you have any questions 
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    All right So Cal peeps!  We have teamed up with another group to put on the next SoCal Meat UP! Backyard event on June 15/16.

    We worked with the other group - who has put on their own event for 8 years now! - and have come up with some additions of our own to make this a unique and fantastic backyard event.  The purpose of the backyard event is to get new people into competition BBQ without all the typical cost and / or hesitation of competing with guys that tow around $30,000 rigs.  Of course we know that you can still beat these guys with a WSM and 20lbs of of Kingsford Blue - right?  Just ask Harry Soo!

    Some of the unique things about this backyarder -

    1.  Live open judging - the teams turn in their boxes out of sight from the judges but get to listen in as the judges score the meat.  You won't know the actual scores but there is no substitution for these comments - they are invaluable - particularly if you are planning on getting into competitive BBQ.

    2.  Entry fee - it is a little higher than we like to see - BUT - it includes all the meat you need to cook for the competition.

    3.  KCBS "approved" - there will be two of my favorite reps - K & K McIntosh running the scoring / assisting with the judging.  This event will be run like a normal KCBS sanctioned competition.

    4.  Mentoring - we have a large group of seasoned "pros" available to mentor you through the entire process - prep, cooking, turn ins ect.  It can't get any easier!  All you have to do is learn, cook, and have fun!

    More questions?  Here's a link to the site.  Please feel free to ask me or Jim (point of contact) anything!

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