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    I "gotta" get a rotisserie - no putting it off any longer!

    I can't afford the "deluxe" ones, but I'm pretty sure I can talk my way into this one:


    I'll be putting it on this, which is CharBroil's exact clone of the BrinkMann SnP:


    Reading the reviews, I find it interesting that they don't mention any problems with the motor; all of the "negatives" deal with the fact that the 3-sectioned rod unscrews itself while the rotisserie is turning.  If all the complaints were about the motor, then I wouldn't even be considering this - but if it's something as simple as this, then maybe it's worth a shot; mI'm thinking this can be managed, with a little help from my friends Hephæstus, Vulcan and Thor!

    Assuming that we can apply some brazing or spot-welding, which should be very little trouble, is there any reason that anyone can see not to get this? There are a few factors that come into play here, which serve as parametres for my decision-making process:

    A) I don't see any viable, readily-available alternatives to this one. The other ones I've seen are either designed for gas grills or the length of the rotisserie unit is much shorter than my smoker can accomodate.

    B) I hate to say it, but we're "poor." If there are viable and affordable alternatives in my price range, including buying components and assembling them, I'll gladly consider them, but I'm not sure how to begin that quest...

    C) I'm married, and I want to stay married. The Beautiful Mrs. Tas has a philosophy that says spending 25$ on something like this is ridiculous, but harmless - worth only a simple rolling of the eyes. Spending 50$ is border-line and subject to enough scrutiny and derision that I will probably abandon the purchase just to keep the peace. Spending a hundred or more is out of the [insert any colourful four-letter-word attached to -ing suffix here] question; at best, I'll simply hear that we'll have a lot of fun enjoying our rotisserie while we're living under a bridge because we can't pay the bills - at worst, I could be struck down by lightning simply for thinking of it. [​IMG]

    I exaggerate, of course - however, as a married man with bills to pay, I am sure you know how it goes sometimes. [​IMG] If the only practical problem that can be found with this has such a simple fix (and according to the reviews, it took care of the un-screwing problem), it's probably my best shot at getting a rotisserie for this unit. My thinking is that I can always work on acquiring something better in the future, or modifying this one with a stronger motor and/or more tines, but in the meantime, I'm not rotisserie-ing anything, and have been turning this idea over in my head for at least 4 years already - time to fish or cut bait! Modifying/tinkering is natural when it comes to the barbecue game anyway; my smoker was "ok" out of the box, and was perfectly capable of "fine" food - but with a few easy modifications that improve the design (or corrects some flaws), it really whistles Dixie, turning out beautiful and great-tasting barbecue.

    What say y'all?
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