snowy day chicken thighs

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by dannylang, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. i was going to stuff some chicken thighs, but we had no toothpicks, so i decided to just smoke the thighs.

    out of jeffs cowboy rub, so i used some tony cs,

    here is the smoked chicken, after it came out of smoker..

    learned something new today with my smoker.

    when i am smoking with embers and a little blue smoke is coming out of the chimney, and the temp slowly starts to go down, i usually add 3 pieces of wood to my

    stick burner, i found out that if i only add 1 piece of wood at a time, i do not get the white smoke. only the blue smoke remains. the longer i smoke the more i learn

    about this smoker. it is always a learning experence for me....
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  2. tropics

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    Danny Nice Job I am afraid to try to walk to my shed, it is pure ice up this way.

  3. we got 7-10 inches here last night, shoveled snow for 3 hours, just to get to my smoker. then the driveway.
  4. tropics thanks form the point

  5. Nice smoker Great looking bird

  6. b-one

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    Looking tasty,and nice smoker as well. I got to shovel the parking lot at work the last 3 days not enough snow to waste gas in the truck.
  7. topher73

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    Looks great! 

    Do you have any temperature control issues in the colder weather?  I have an upright smoker/gas that I had had to add high temperature felt to to help control temp.

  8. did not have any problems with temp control topher73, it was just like any other smoke but it COLD. when the temp got up to 300 degrees it stayed as long as i kept feeding it wood.

    but i did not see any problems with the temp outside.

  9. Noticed you smoked chicken in a pan?  Can you do that with other meats, or is there some loss of smke taste?

    Regards, Bill
  10. oldschoolbbq

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    Danny , I see the light bulb has come on [​IMG]  . That's the idea I try to get to Newbies , Learn your Smoker... the more you watch and pay attention to a smoker , you pick up on it's little tricks.

    Smoke on , my 'Brother in Smoke' , you're on your way to 'Smoke Nervana' .
  11. How fun and what a machine!! Cheers! - Leah

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