Snak stix smoking temp?

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  1. I normaly smoke my snack stix starting at 100 degrees and raising to 175 slowly until 155 internal. Usually takes about 8 hrs. I have been thinking that since I only apply smoke for about 1 hour at the start I might try going right to 175 when the smoke is done to see if I get to 155 internal quicker.

    Any thoughts?
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    My thought

    Fast fat-out
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    I have to agree with Nepas. If you increase the temps too fast the fat will render out
  4. If your going to try and do a faster ramp of your temps, don't forget the bigger the temp increase the more chance you have for an over shoot for your desires temp, 175 is about the max I would want my smoker to be, maybe  turn her up to 160 wait for it to level out then maybe 170 and then 175
  5. Will the fat render even though the IT only reaches 155 degrees. I raise it slowly and don't get rendering. I thought rendering didn't  occur until you were over 190 degrees.

    Overshoot is not a problem for my smoker. It is accurate to 2 degrees.

    Not trying to argue with anyone, just don't want to ruin a batch because I get in a hurry.
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  7. Fat will melt in your hands that's why your hands get greasy when you mix it, the problem with raising your temps to quickly is the outside of your sausage may get a lot hotter too quickly and you can start to render the fat in the out side of your sausage, b4 the middles reaches  the desired IT, but the fact that they are sticks I do not know how much of an issue it would be the best thing to do would be to try it on a very small batch and check your results and see if you find it acceptable
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