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  1. Hey guys quick question,

    I had snack sticks on my pit this morning smoking and a cold front started coming through with about 35 MPH winds. I couldn't keep my pit hot as the wind was stealing all the heat even with the fire box damper all the way open. The sticks had smoked for 2 hours at 150F and the internal was around 135F. I rushed them to the oven and have it set at 170F to try and finish them. I had stuffed 25lbs and luckily I only had half on the pit as it would only hold half. Will the sticks turn out alright finishing in the oven? Also how long can I keep the remaining half in the fridge until I can smoke them? They have been in the fridge letting the cure set for 24 hours.
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    I would finish in the oven. You might have some fat out with the temp swing in the oven but that will be fine. Wrap the remaining sticks in saran wrap and store in the fridge to keep them from drying out. The low humidity and fan circulating in the fridge will dry the sausage and case harden them. you should be good for a week in the fridge
  3. Thanks for the tip about wrapping the raw sticks. I will do that. I will also post finished result pics to see what they turn out like.

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