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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jmiller83, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone. Looking for some support on what to do about my casings on my snack sticks. I've been working on a basic recipe and technique for awhile. After many MANY failed atempts I'm getting very close to an awesome finished product. I'm following the basic steps for smoking the sticks. I let them in my smoker at 120 for 1.5 hours to let the casings dry out then bump up the temp about 10 degrees each hour until I reach the desired internal temp. This batch I did half with an ice bath directly out of the smoker the other half I let sit out until completely cooled. After that I placed them all in a brown paper bag over night. This is as close to perfect as I have gotten however the casings are sort of like tearing very thin paper. The snap is good but it seems to more rip than anything. Did I dry out the casings at 120 for too long? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    JM83, Are your casings natural or collagen?
  3. Oh wow how could I leave that out. I'm using a mixture of 19 and 21mm collagen casings from sausage This batch I used the 21mm.
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    JM83 , I would say that the water bath would do in your collagen casings but not sure why the other half went south also ? Maybe not stuffed full enough ? You can just peel the casings off and have your sticks naked .
  5. I had the same trouble. One thing that helped was not getting the casing wet before stuffing. It helped but not enough. I started going with natural sheep casings and havent had a problem since.
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    My dark collagen casing came from Butcher & Packer and they were VERY thin and nice 21mm...... I think there are different manufacturers with different specifications on the casings... same with natural casings as to how they are cleaned etc....
    I have finally come to the conclusions, it's best to go with a very reputable company that sell lots of casings.... I just bought some beef rounds from a member on the forum that has a charcuterie business and sells retail meats.... they are beautiful casings... haven't filled them yet... but they sure look awesome....

    ...B&P collagens.....

    ...Some of Evan's meats......
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