Smooth-Top Stove Parts- Electric Smoker? Gimme Your Ideas!!

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by hexlobular, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. So, I purchased a smoothtop stove a while back that I received damaged (the glass top was shattered on delivery) and I was told by the seller to throw out the remaining parts and they'd refund my money.  So, I cleaned it up and kept all the parts. :)

    Well, my wife figured I would throw it out, but I can't walk by it without thinking of making an electric smoker of some sort with the parts.  It's 220v, and I have an extra 220v 60-amp connection right inside my shop door, so I thought I that part should be good.

    In all my search, I've never seen an electric using this style of elements. So, I need help brainstorming to help get the ball rolling.

    Any advice for setting this up?  The tray these are in is the original shell.  The burners wouldn't have to stay in it or in this configuration.  Really, the sky is the limit on configuration, I just want to be able to do it somewhat inexpensively.

    So, please throw me some ideas, and if you have any lessons you've learned the hard way, please share!!   Thanks!!!!

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    How about mounting the big burners side by side on a verticle surface.... Install a rotisserie in front for chickens, roasts or whatever...  you would have a monsterous infra-red roto broiler.... hang a steak in front of the burner and have a 1000 deg steak cooker... talk about a perfect black and blue rib-eye... I gettin' hungry now... Dave
  3. Is this an induction cooking unit?  The glass top makes me think it is.
  4. It's just a regular smooth-top electric stove.  I removed what was left of the top, and kept all the electrical bits.  Thought of just building a stainless griddle with this, also.  Just need to find an efficient, safe configuration.

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