SMOKY MOUNTAIN™ 40" Electric Smoker

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  1. I am from Canada and was in the Us and saw this at costco. Must say I loved the look of it but was wondering if anyone has actually purchased it. Think it was on for 399. Went to Landmann site and it is listed as a new arrival with a price of 549.

    Currently using a masterbuilt 30 stainless with the class door and am more then happy with it but just considering for future purchases.

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    I too am courious .. Let's hear some very critical "Pros and Cons".
  3. I just replied to previous post

    "I have just tried the lanndman 40" and i am very impressed, it heats up very quickly with the 1200 watt element, tons of room and very easily to asscess water, wood and grease trays. I had a problem with the LCD not being bright enough and called custermer service and they sent me a free new control box without even the slightess problem, I give 9 out of 10, only reason i had MES 30 and it had remote control."

    I bought mine from costco in Sherwood Park and paid $449.00

    Maybe another Con is that there is vented cover over wood chip box and all the grease gets burnt onto it which is kind of pain in ass to clean.

    Another Pro would be I did ribs and the wood pellet box holds enough for easy 2+hrs of smoking
  4. thats good to know. Thanks for replying.

    On quick first inspection the grease build up was one of my concerns. Anywhere in there that an amazen pellet smoker would fit?

    Would really like to upgrade from my MES 30, still really enjoy it but the extra ten inches would come in handy.
  5. There chip holder is same size, I have the ams and no need to use it.

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