Smoking withdrawals.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by moses, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. moses

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    I have/had a 40 MES. Last time I used it a few weeks ago was a bad experience. I was smoking 2 Boston butts for my sons bday party. We were all under the carport and my son (age 3) leaned against my smoker and instantly fell to the ground and was screaming in pain. Now I'm a tough love kinda father so I looked at him and said don't touch it again, it's hot. Now I've never felt it get hot enough on the outside to create that much crying so I figured he was just trying to get attention. Several hrs later it was time to wrap the butts so I reached in to pull them out. My exposed skin touched the rack and I jerked my hand back, dropping the meat. It gave me a pretty good electric shock. I closed the smoker and while doing so, touched the outside of the smoker and was shocked again. I unplugged it and checked for wear on the cord and found nothing. Costumer service had me cut my cord off and mail it to them. When they receive my cord they are going to ship me a new smoker. Can't wait to get it so I can get back to smoking. Anyone else had this problem???
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    Someone else posted a while back about his shocking him also. Same one, MES 40. I have a 30 1st generation and so far no issues like that. That's messed up!!
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    Thats Scary right there! Glad the boy is Ok!
  4. No Issues here> Glad he is ok. Alos glad masterbuilt is getting you a new smoker.

    Happy smoken.

  5. moses

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    Yeah I was more than pleased with their costumer service. All they wanted was for me to cut off the cord and the 2 metal identification tags from the back of the smoker and mail them in. She said they would ship me a new one when my components arrive. Yeah my boy is ok. Won't have to worry about him touching another smoker thought. Scared the mess out of him.
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    Yeah, He didn't drop the football.

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