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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by calimeats, May 21, 2016.

  1. calimeats

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    Hey everyone. I recently just purchased a new BBQ, Char-Broil® Classic 4-Burner Gas Grill @ Target (i know...) and i wanted to cook up some burgers and dogs this weekend and i would like to use a smoke box. i have been looking into some of the ones @ amazon:

    and i guess all i have to do is place the box with chips on top of the grill grates and start cooking.

    i have never used other smoke methods before, like the pellets. what is the benefit, if any, form wood chips and pellets? and could i use pellets for this type of gas grill, for what i want to do...just smoke while i am cooking burgers or ribs? i dont really want to smoke meat for hours, just want to have a nice hickory flavor, produced quickly if possible on some burgers and hot dogs, maybe even ribs.

    i appreciate your input and help. thank you
  2. smokinal

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    I don't bother with a smoke box.

    I just put a chunk of wood on the grate over a burner.

    In 3 or 4 minutes you will be getting nice smoke.

  3. saxyjaz

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    Hey Calimeats,

    I also use a gas grill for my everyday grilling (Weber Spirit E-310) and I really like a little extra wood smoke flavor. I don't bother with a smoke box either, I just use a handful of soaked wood chips in a packet of aluminum foil. I place it on the flavorizor bars when preheating and usually get about 20-30 minutes of smoke, enough for a burgers, brats and some veggies.

    I've have actually also done some long low and slow smokes on it (a green home cured ham) but it was a little tricky to keep the smoke/temp balanced. Ended up finding equilibrium about 2 hours in using the chip tray from my recently broken MES 30 jammed above one if the burners. Now that I've got the MES replaced I'll use that for low and slow and the Weber for grilling.

    Happy cooking!
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  4. calimeats

    calimeats Newbie

    thanks for the input. i picked up the amazen smoker from amazon, just got delivered with some hickory pellets. going to try this and see how it goes.

    ive wanted this lil tube for a while now. i will probably end up getting the 12inch one also if this works out.
  5. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    The amzn tube smokers work well in grills. I have a half dozen friends that are not into smoking meat but love to grill and I sold them on the tube smokers. They love them.
  6. mr t 59874

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    I use a modified tray type pellet smoke generator in mine and it works fine. Example below.


  7. calimeats

    calimeats Newbie

    bbq pork ribs tonight. used hickory pellets in the tube...waiting to see how it comes out. smells awesome all around

  8. calimeats

    calimeats Newbie

    and that tin foil wrap is salmon
  9. calimeats

    calimeats Newbie

    i want to smoke a brisket for a few hours. i can do that with this char broil bbq and the amazen pellet smoker right?

    i cant seem to find any how to's or recipes for thanks!
  10. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Yes you can do that. I'm not sure how it'll turn out. Since you said you'd like to smoke it for a few hours do You plan on finishing in the oven?

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