Smoking wild mushrooms; brine?

Discussion in 'Other' started by emma hurley, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. emma hurley

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    Hello all,

    Great mushroom season so far this year; I have an excess and would like to try and smoke some (Little Chief smoker).

    Has anyone had good results brining mushrooms before smoking?

    I am planning to dry many of them after smoking, but also try smoking a few pre-cooked (parboiled). Wondering about brining for both the ones Im planning to eat fresh as well as the ones that are going in the dehydrator. Does brining introduce too much water into the 'shrooms? I imagine it'd help make a great flavor.
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    Hi Emma. I just ran across your thread and noticed you never got a response. On brining, what type of mushrooms are you getting? My brother used to work at a cannery where they canned chanterelle mushrooms for shipping to Europe. They brined the mushrooms before canning them. To eat them you soaked in fresh water for a couple hours before cooking.   We dried our own chanterelles and parasol mushrooms but have never tried brining or smoking. 
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