Smoking whole chickens and ribs

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  1. I apologize if I am not following the correct protocol but I don't have a lot of time.  Forgive me in advance.

    I'm smoking 16 Boston Butts on Friday evening.  I want to throw in 9 whole chickens and some slabs of ribs.  The smoker grates will mostly be full of the butts in pans so I'll have to mingle the chickens and ribs in between somehow.  There should be room between the pans but it will be tight.

    You should be able to see the pics of my smoker on my profile on here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
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    A common method to cook ribs is in a rib rack. If you don't have rib racks you could stand the ribs on their sides and lean them against your panned pork butts to gain more room for your chicken. You can gain more space for the chicken if you stand them up (as in beer can chicken minus the beer can).

    What temp are you going to be smoking at?
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  3. Probably around 250 degrees.
  4. I found two rib racks at Gander Mtn. They worked great. I used the same dry rub on all meats. The butts and chicken turned out great. The chicken was so easy and we sold out instantly. Everyone raved. Not a single complaint. We had 8 tins of pulled pork. Sold all but 3. I was not thrilled with my ribs. They were very dark on the outside. Several customers said they were burned. The meat was very tasty and tender but a little on the dry side. The rub seemed to be strong if you got any in your mouth. Mixed reviews. 1/2 said ok little too burned. Some said best ribs they've eaten. I wasn't thrilled like I was with the pulled and chicken. What should I do to the ribs next time? Less rub or different rub? Should I do a wet seasoning? They cooked about 2.5 hours at 175 or so. I left them in the smoker all night with the butts and chicken but the temp was 150 or less when I clamped the smoker down just to let it smoke for the rest of the night [​IMG]

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