Smoking Venison Sausage on a 22.5

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by mchar69, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. mchar69

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    I  can only get the Weber down to 160, and it's freezing out.

    My buddies' VSS has been 2 hrs. (he's too lazy to smoke,if that's possible.)

    Towards the end, I'll put the VSS

    into my 170 oven, and throw a

    spatchy on the 22 and fire it up to 275 ish.

    We made a mild VSS 2 weeks ago with high temp cheddar cheese.

    It was good, but we like more kick.

    He got some pepper jack, and also cut up some chipotles

    in adobo and that should rev things up a bit.

    I figure 4 hours of smoke, then finish in my oven to an IT of at least 152,

    shooting for 155.

    My wife hates all the smoke flavor

    and smell I carry into the house on my clothes.

    Oh well.
  2. mine too. i usually loose a few lbs once she's done chewing my ....... out. that is until she gets to eat. luckly thats when i get to remind her. she's pretty much quit complaining now.

    sounds like you got some goood grub going. hows bout some Qview? you know what they say, no pics, never happened. hahahaha[​IMG]  
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  3. mchar69

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    I took a whole bunch of pics, but

    since photobucket changed, have not

    been able to upload.

    Gotta work on it.

    Oh, I threw some Wahoo on the smoke

    and it was awesome.
  4. mchar69

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    This is the Venison summer sausage  early on with the wahoo.

    Can't find the 20 other pics.

    I got a sheet pan from GoodWill for $1 (hey I try to help)

    and used my 4" angle grinder to cut and fit to act as a baffle and coal holder.

    Here's some VSS and Wahoo (that's a fish).

    Pathetic photobucket strikes again.  I'm strivin'.  Qview soon.  (maybe).
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  5. mchar69

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    I'm getting mad

    Thanks cfarmer!
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  6. mchar69

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    does this work? It's salmon -

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  7. mchar69

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    one more try:

  8. mchar69

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  9. mchar69

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    This is like my own Test Kitchen, where nothing works.
  10. Use the IMG code instead of the URL
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