Smoking Turkey in colder temp

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  1. We have an MES.   In October, I did a 14 lb turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving.  The outside temp was about 45+ degrees and cooked the turkey at about 325.  SMoker in the garage with double overhead doors open (triple garage).  The turkey smoked in about 4 hours.  Turned out wonderfully.

    I am doing same size turkey for US TG this Thursday.  Outside temp is going to be about 28 degrees.  I will have the overhead garage door closed this time and the smoker positioned near the door going to the back yard for ventilation  but also so the garage doesn't get so cold.  

    How much time will the cooler outdoor temp add to cooking the turkey?  I imagine the garage will still be above freezing, but I have no idea how much the outside temp will affect the cook time. 
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    Im not sure on the model you have but I just done a 14lb bird on sat in a mes 30 keep the smoker set on 275 and cleared the 140 in 2 hours and the hole bird was up to temp in 3 hrs 45 min at 18 degrees outside. Top vent half open

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  3. I have the model from QVC:  Vertical  upright with three racks inside.  I can't post the link here but the item number is K37133 if you want to head there to take a look.  I am thinking more of cooking it at at least 325 which it seems is the standard recco here.  
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    i don't cook anything that high. i don't think a lot of people go over 275 or so for anything. my MES only goes up to 275.

    i see you have a different model. this model says it can get to 400 but i don't think ive seen an electric model get up that high. my MES does pretty well in cold weather as long as i leave the door closed. trying to maintain a 325 might be a bit of a stretch for an electric in close to freezing temps. i usually set mine for about 20 degrees higher than normal in extreme cold to account for the on/off cycle that it does. but mine is outside and i usually have to account for wind as well. you really wont know until you try. but i would invest in an external temp probe like a mav 732 to accurately tell you how much it drops during the off cycle.
  5. wind is your biggest enemy.  other than that the smoker should do its thing and hold temp no matter what outside conditions. 

    my offset is greatly effected by outside temps because the wind sucks cool air through.

    my weber kettle with smokenator however only takes longer to attain cook temp , but holding temp isnt much different in cold. even wind doesnt effect it much.

    happy smoke!
  6. its cold here also

    i was just smoking beef ribs on the weekend with outside temps at -7C.
  7. Mine can go up to about 400 on preheat but then once I fill it up, it dips considerably.   It is cold and windy here, so I will keep it protected from that.  If I can keep it at the 300 -325 temp, then it shouldn't take much longer than it did in a more balmy temp.  

    I find when I let it preheat, then open it up to put the food in, I lose a lot of temp and smoke, so I think I will put the turkey in, turn it on and let it go to maximize heat and not open it for a good couple hours.  

    I normally do my other stuff at 275 but turkey I don't want to fool with.  
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  8.  i would go low and slow 200-250 personally

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