Smoking Soy and other Sauces - Q/View

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    If you haven’t tried smoked sauces in your cooks, I strongly recommend and encourage it. Smoked soy sauces will pump up your plain or fried rice including stir-fries. The fish sauce will add umami to your soups and marinades. Smoked Worcestershire and rum will add a distinctive flavor to your cocktails.

    No matter the technique used to apply the smoke, give it a shot.

    This is how mine is done.

    Today’s selection of sauces to be smoked, three soy’s, fish sauce, Worcestershire, and rum. 

    Whittled on a chunk of charred Oak bourbon barrel to get a total of 3.2 grams of shavings for the smoke.

    Used .2 grams per load in the handheld smoke generator.

    Placed sauce in food processor and applied smoke. Pulse occasionally for 30 seconds and it’s done. All six smoked in 15 minutes using 1.2 grams of shavings.


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