Smoking some andouille, and curry sausage with Q view

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  1. A buddy of mine makes his own sausage but doesn't have a smoker. So I'm smoking some sausage for him and getting half in exchange ;) the andouille is cured but the curry is not. I've had the andouille on at 130 in my mes for just over an hour and just torched some apple and a little alder to start the smoke on them. When the andouille is done I'm going to crank the smoker up and smoke the curry sausage fast since it's not cured.
  2. Brought the temp up to 170 and have been heavily smoking with apple and a little but of alder. Wish I had some pecan. I'm going to have to do the mailbox mod soon and buy an amznps. I've noticed the mes 30 has a hard time getting the chips smoldering at a low temp. I've been torching every batch I put in to get them smoldering. I'm thinking I might nuke the next batch and see if they catch faster.

  3. Brought the temp up to 220 to finish out the andouille and I added the curry sausage. Finishing with a strong round of smoke. Internal Temps at 140. When it hits 155 I'm going to pull and throw into an ice bath. Getting excited
  4. The andouille is done, took the one I had the probe in and decided to eat that one. The rest are in an ice bath cooling down to stop any more cooking. Have the curry sausages up to 275. The andouille is really good and has a fair amount of smoke to it. I deffinatly need to think if a better hanging system for it to spread them out some, and need to make the mailbox mod so I can have a longer smoke time.
  5. The curry sausages are done. They have a slight hint of smoke and are actually really good. Thanks for looking.
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    Looks great,nice way to get some sausage!Thumbs Up
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