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  1. Anyone have a template for logging smoking sessions that you are willing to share. Thanks SmokinSlick
  2. Slick

    PM me and I will send you one

  3. smokinal

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    Welcome to SMF. That looks like a great log, but I guess I'm sort of old school. I use a spiral notebook & write down everything I do during the smoke. Especially the mistakes. Don't want to make the same mistakes twice. 

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  4. Thanks Al

    I agree totally with you on the mistakes.  This is just one I picked up on another smokin forum.  Haven't sat down and tweeked it yet.  I just write a lot of notes wherever I can.  I guess I'm kinda both semi old school and new school.  I like to have one to hand write on and I keep every one of those, bu then I keep a running log on my laptop also.  I log them by meats cooked and dates

  5. Rain, Thanks this looks great. Taking the CBE on it maiden voyage with ribs on Thursday. I just finished a batch of rub and sauce today

  6. Anytime Slick

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