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  1. I did a search on this this, but couldn't come up with a real good answer...

    My wife asked if I would smoke some sausages next week. Ya know, store-bought ones. We usually grill Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage links, but I wasn't sure about puttin' 'em in the smoker.

    Will the smoke actually penetrate into the meat through the casing? If so, about what temp should I smoke at? I am assuming smoke 'til 160 internal temp? Any idea of how much time to allow?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!
  2. THe smoke should penetrate through the casing. try external temp of about 165-175 degrees and pull at either 152 internal, or within 3 hours, which ever comes first. I should have clairified first, that I am assuming the sausage was Pre prepaired. I must appologize for not considering this may be fresh, uncured. Assuming nothing more I think that Piney and travcoman have the safer answer.
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    If smoking uncured sausage I recommend a smoker temp of 200-225 and yes the smoke will penetrate the casing figure about 2 hours give or take
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    Yup, uncured sausage at 225° fer two hours er so. Good ta go.
  5. Thanks!!!!!!

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