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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by figueroa2005, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. figueroa2005

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    I live near Hershey PA.  I just got a hand-me-down Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker.  I made a smoked pork shoulder last week and loved it.  This weekend I am going to be trying my hand at smoking a couple whole chickens, and a smoked brisket with some twice smoked baked potatoes Sunday night into Monday.  I look forward to any advice and tips that I can learn on here so that I can offer my family some better meat! 
  2. phatbac

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    Welcome to SMF! Don't be afraid to search for anything you want to know about smoking meat!

    For whole chickens, I'm a big fan of spatchcock the chickens. (If you aren't familiar with that don't feel bad i didn't till a couple months ago!) 

    Just ask and we can post instructions and pics. I also like to brine my chickens. simple brine is a gal of water with a cup of kosher salt and a cup of brown sugar.( put in some ice or in the fridge for like 4 hours) make sure to rinse after brine. if you familiar with brine try something like creole butter or there are plenty of brine recipes on here. 

    Oh during your smoke take some pic so you can come back and tell us how it came out and if there are no pics, It didn't happen!

    Glad to have you,

    phatbac (Aaron)

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  3. figueroa2005

    figueroa2005 Newbie

    Ok so the chickens came out wonderfully juicy.  I set a thermometer in them and leave the lid closed so I didn't have any during pics.  However, my wife thought the chicken was perfectly tender well seasoned, but thought the chicken tasted too "gamey" or too much like chicken.  She loves meat that no longer tastes like meat.  Makes it difficult for me to cook.  Oh well.  Any advice on why fryer chickens would taste different than whole roaster chickens, or even than boneless skinless breasts?  

  4. phatbac

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    I think fryer chicken are younger than roaster chickens.(one of these chef's running around can correct me if im wrong). I know there is an age difference. and that does make a difference on flavor and texture. i know older chickens are better for stocks and soups etc. while younger birds are better to fry etc.

    What you made looks very tasty to me!

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron).

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