Smoking Ribs

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  1. Hello Everybody,

    Note: You Tube uploaded the video back to back. The real size of the video is 31 minutes. 

    Taking the lead from Cecil B. DeMill on the creation of outstanding videos for the purpose of illustration, education and the sharing of information, I have taken the liberty of providing this video. 

    I did the ribs on Wednesday of this past week. It took me two and half days to create a You Tube Channel and upload a movie. In the mean time, I put this video together using Corel's Video Studio Pro 6 so I also had a learning curve there as well. It's a little long but it is informative. The result is good. 


    Actually, that little Samsung pocket video


    camera is not bad. Something more sophisticated can be used but this is adequate. I did this in HD. 

    I know that I am not the best actor for this but I hope to get better.

    [font=verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]Note: for some reason You Tube posted this twice. So it really is only 31 minutes long.[/font]

    Let me know what you think. I would appreciate your feedback on what could be improved. One problem I am aware of is that I am slow because of my physical dexterity and I was alone without anyone to assist.


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  2. I don't have time to watch a 31 min video But the still pic looks tasty.

    Happy smoken.


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