Smoking Ribs in Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kennys223, Dec 29, 2013.

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    This is probably an easy question for most. So here it goes. I have a Masterbuilt Digital Electric smoker which I enjoy using. I have done ribs on it only a couple times and when I do, I only do 2 racks worth. So, I place them at the very bottom two racks. Now, for the new years I plan on doing 4 racks. My question is, will I have to move the ribs around for even heat distribution for cooking? (bottom to top and top to bottom) I know that the closer it is to the heat source the faster it cooks and the thicker the cut the closer it should be to the heat. I wouldn't think I would have to but just a little curious before I cook them for the new years. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I just did beef ribs. I didn't fill the MES 30 but since I used it instead of the oven, it didn't seem to matter.


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