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  1. Good afternoon,

    I would like to smoke a 8.44 pound pork butt and a 7.99 pound round rump roast. The rump roast has a good sized fat cap on it. What temperature and generally speaking for how long do I smoke these? I would also like to throw some baby backs in. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Those are two really different cuts of meat. The rump roast might have a good fat cap but it probably doesn't have any fat marbling in the meat itself. I have not done a rump roast but I would think it should only be smoked to 135-140 degrees and sliced thin.

    As for the pork butt, if you smoke at the average temp of 225 it will take anywhere from 10-16 hours to reach 200-205 IT.

    Baby backs should take 5-6 hours at 225.

    Hope this helps. 
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    You can do all at 225*F . Take the Roast to 140*F ( internal temp , with a probe ) , the Ribs will do well here too! Take them to the "bend " test :

    The Butt , let it stay until the bone pulls out easily ( with no resistence ) .. You can't mess up a Butt !

    Have fun and . . .
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    Do you plan to serve these all at the same time?...JJ
  6. Thanks everyone. Chef JimmyJ I would like everything done at the same time or in time for dinner; however, it is not the end of the world if they are not. I put the pork butt and rump on my MES 40 this morning at 4:30. After some additional research, I opted for a little higher temperature. I set it for 275 because I have found that the temperature that shows on the display is about 20 degrees less than the inside of the smoker. The display has not managed to get past 260 this morning. I think because it is cool and windy here. I also have an Igrill 2 ambient temperature probe that says the smoker temperature is 50 degrees cooler than what is on the smoker display. The meat probes show that the pork butt is at 142 and the rump is at 134. I think this would mean the display on the smoker would be closer to being correct give or take some degrees.
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