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  1. I have a question.

      I did a 7 pound pork shoulder. Basted or marinated over night with my blend of spices (I guess that is marinating, basting is done while cooking).  Got it started at 5:30am, no problem.  3 hours of smoking, added chips as needed, checked temps, kept an eye on the water bowl,  no problems.  The temps stalled at 156.  after 4 hours, still stalled. Then took off to 185 and stalled again.  Moved to the oven, cranked the oven temp to 300,  still stalled at 185.  4 hours later still at 185.  Gave up, took it out, pulled real nice.  Everyone loved it.  I am confused about it not getting above 185.  I used two digital thermometers. They were within 2 degrees of each other.  After 14 to 17 hours and never got close to 200 degrees.  What happened??

    I just do not get it

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    Welcome to the world of smoking pork butt!  One of the most asked questions on the forum.  Why did my butt take so long and why did it stall.  It is not unusual to have them stall like that and sometimes they just take forever to finish.  You did nothing wrong.  Moving it to the oven does take away some of the frustration and many of us will do that so we don't have to keep checking the smoker.   We prefer to have them go to 200 before pulling but sometimes we are just ready to get the darn thing finished.    Congratulations on having a great meal.  Just don't be surprised if they take 20 hours sometimes.  Did you foil?

    Funny but a butt has a  mind of it's own??
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    I've never done a butt that large, I cut them in half. A 5 lb butt usually takes me 8-10 hours.

    I usually smoke at 225, but sometimes up to 250. I always plan to finish an hour early and hold in cooler longer if necessary.
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    Al steered you right. These dang things will drive you crazy.  Stalling is the norm so you just have to plan to deal with it - congrats on a great succes
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    Glad it turned out well for you. Got any photo's?
  6. They would not wait that long.  Every time I cook, if I do not make my plate first, I only get the scrapings.  And you never reach for food, you could lose a finger or hand.  It just makes me be more careful.  I do like the fact that none of my food goes to waste.  But I would like to get a little more of it to eat. 
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    [​IMG]  Sounds like some of the people I've work with over the years......[​IMG]
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    Like Al said welcome to the world of the smoked butts. Now they will smoke at their own pace. We are just here to pick them up and feed it to our friends. We always leave plenty of time cause after all you can leave a butt in the cooler with some towels for many hours. Now the next one you have will get to 200* and smoke in 6 hours. Good luck next time.

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