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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jbarjmx, Feb 1, 2012.

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    I am still getting my smoker completed with a new heat source (propane) when a friend handed my a big problem. He had slow cooked a prime rib to the last two hours and frozen it. He wanted it smoked instead of slow cooked for the last two hours after it thawed out completely. I told him I was just getting started but he insists. I intend to thoroughly preheat my new cement smoker, heat to 220 degrees, stabelize the heat and try smoking this beautiful piece of beef for two hours monitoring with acurate thermometers until it reaches an internal temperatre of 135 degrees. I know I shouln't try this so early but heck, this is Mexico. Any help and suggestions will be gratefully received!!
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    I moved your thread to beef so you would get more responses.

    You said your friend slow cooked the roast. How long did he cook it for & what was the internal meat temp when he took it out & froze it. Did he have a temp probe in it or was it in any way punctured or injected? You may have a problem if the internal meat temp never reached 135 in 4 hours of cooking & it was probed or injected, then frozen.
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    I agree - this sounds kind of risky. I will PM JJ with the link to this thread. He is our resident food safety guru  
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    Can't know for sure without more info but sounds like Guy #1 went by Time, pulled the meat and froze it. It would be reasonable to assume the outside of the neat got up to temp in under 4 hours and proceeding to finish the smoke at 225*F should be fine...325*F would be better...Hopefully all other handling precautions were in place not to mention it's Mexico...If the water don't get you the Beef probably won't bother you either...[​IMG]...JJ
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    I'd say the first problem is guy #1 went by time not temp so who knows what the internal temp go to. Do you have any specs on how hot or what the internal temp got to before he pulled it out and froze it? The second concern I have is I don't think you are going to get that piece of meat up to 135 degrees in 2 hours unless you kick the temps up pretty high. It all depends on how big the roast is I guess.  If you decide to smoke it you really need to forget about how long it's in the smoker and just take it up to temp by using a thermometer. That's how you will know for sure when its ready to be pulled.

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