Smoking Prime Rib already cut into steaks

Discussion in 'Beef' started by nate85, May 5, 2016.

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    Hi guys I'm going to do prime rib for mothers day and wanted to try something different. I read a thread awhile back on taking prime rib steaks searing them in a hot pan for like 30 seconds and then into the smoker but I cant find it now. Any suggestions on doing this?
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    I agree with Al!  If you sear first, I don't think it will take on as much smoke.  If its really cold to start, you smoke it for a while and then finish it on a hot grill or pan, it will be great.  Will also make it easier to cook to different degrees of doneness for your crowd.  Might want to even consider smoking it whole, letting it rest, slicing it and then searing each steak to the doneness everyone wants.  Can add rub or seasoning to the sides that don't have any right after slicing.
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    Different strokes for different folks.

    The following is how I recently cooked dry aged steaks. Keep 

    in mind, when you smoke a whole roast, smoke is applied to the outside surface. When smoking individual steaks, smoke is applied to all surfaces of the steak, they were remarkable. Use a heavy smoke after searing for just a few minutes, believe me, it will take on smoke.


    Three 20 oz. steaks cut 1 3/4 - 2 inch thick. Five steaks were cut, two went into freezer for later use.

    Salt and peppered then vac sealed with two slabs of Alder smoked, made from scratch butter.

    Steaks submerged into pot of 130° water.

    Pot placed into Cookshack Amerique set at 140°. Water dropped to 125°, within 1 hour it had reached 130°. The AQ temp was then lowered to 130°. The steaks were then held at 131° for an additional four hours.

    Steaks after a total of 5 hours in modified sous-vide.

    Applying a Super Sear in smoking hot skillet containing butter and oil.

    After searing, Hickory smoke was applied using a handheld smoker. This was done just prior to halving and service.

  5. nate85

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    Thanks guys for all the advice, I think I'm going to give it a try. Ill keep you posted on how it goes!
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    Those look awesome! I've been looking at getting a Sous vid cooker. I was curious as I ate a thick cut Ribeye off my green egg tonight. When you sous vid something like a Ribeye, how much more internal fat is rendered?
  7. mr t 59874

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    As I am relatively new to sous vide cooking, I cannot say for certain that more fat is rendered. Common sense tells me that by cooking at lower temps compared to a grill that it would not. One thing that I have learned is that a high dollar steak will most likely never see my grill again. Although it would most likely be convenient, no special equipment is needed.


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