Smoking Pork Loin Center Cut Half Boneless

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    I'm smoking a pork loin center cut half boneless later today.  I've smoked pork shoulder before and a boneless pork loin but never this particular cut of pork.  I'm planning on smoking at 225 until IT reaches 155. Can someone give me a guide for minutes per pound as mine is 5.5lbs. I'm thinking between 3-4 hours obviously ultimately IT temp is what matters. Also, there is a fat cap on it, do I leave that on?  Thanks! 
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    Your timing estimate is correct. The loin will Carryover as the outside meat temp continues to heat the center. If 155°F is the desired result, pull it 5-10°F early and let it coast up as it rests. Fat cap is your choice. I leave it on, some trim or score to get more smoke and rub to the meat. Below is a Topping/sauce my family has used many years...JJ

    Apple Pork Topper

    3C Apple Sauce

    3T Dijon Mustard

    3T Brown Sugar

    2T Apple cider Vinegar

    1tsp Rubbed Sage

    1/2tsp Black Pepper

    1/2tsp Salt

    1/8tsp Cinnamon

    Optional: 2-3 Apples, peeled, diced and sauteed until golden brown and tender in 2T Butter.

    Place all in a pot and simmer on low until thick but still pourable. Adjust sweet/salt to taste. Spoon over Pork Roast, during last 30-60 minutes of Cook time or when an IT of 110° is reached. Raising the Smoker temperature will caramelize the topping a bit...BUT...Pull and rest the meat, Uncovered, when the IT reaches 135 to 145°F. The hotter surface will cause a 10° Carryover rise and overcook the meat if you go to a higher IT. Serve the remainder, hot, over the sliced pork at the table...JJ
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    Thank you! One more question, the label on the type of meat is "Pork Loin Center Cut Half Boneless". I read on the internet somewhere that means it includes part of the backbone. I just want to make sure I understand for when serving. Thanks!
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    The Loin is located along the Backbone and above the Ribs. My guess, not seeing it is...If it is Half boneless the backbone was probably removed and you got just the loin muscle with the small pieces of Ribs. You are good to go with your plan...JJ

    This is a Center Cut Half or Semi Boneless Porkloin...Your's may have the Backbone instead of Ribs, I just have never seen it that way...


    As opposed to This, which still has the Ribs and Backbone (at the bottom)...

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