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  1. has anyone tried to smoke a homemade pizza? i nave grilled a few and like it, just wondering if anyone has.[​IMG]
  2. Hello.  I haven't tried and here is my reasoning: I think if you tried low and slow with pizza the dough would turn into a soggy mess.  Just my thoughts.  Maybe someone else knows better.

    There are three things you can do.  1: You can smoke all the ingredients before making the pizza ( except maybe the crust ) then assemble and grill to get a crispy crust.  2: You can get a good hot grill going, assemble the pizza, add un-soaked wood chips to the grill and get good smoke going.  This is one of the few times you can get by with a heavyish white smoke.  The pizza will cook quick enough that you won't get any nasty taste from the white smoke.  Throw the pizza on the grill and grill as per usual.  I think it was Chef Jimmy J who said you can get away with under 2 hours of white smoke ( sorry Chef if I misquoted you ) but I usually say that anything I can grill in under 30 minutes can handle white smoke.  So I add wood chips to my HOT grill and throw on 1" thick ribeyes and get the best of both.  Seared hot and fast rare-med. rare ribeyes with a good smoky taste.  I usually smother the fire as soon as possible after the cook or open the door/remove the lid and let 'er burn so as not to get a creosote build up in the smoker/grill.  3: Combine the 2.  Pre-smoke the ingredients AND hot grill with wood chips.  Depends on how smoky you like it.  Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!

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    I have done it on my UDS, but it is hot.    400+  It takes about 20 mins for me.

    I use lump and it gets plenty of smoke for my family.
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    Using a Pizza stone helps hold heat on the crust , making a nice crispy base for your other ingredients and place on the ( preheated) stone/ Smoker . Open the intake and let the heat build as high as you can get it                             ; Pizzas are done

    in 600*F ovens and take 20 mins. to done . Your's will take a bit more time , but the taste is like a fired wood oven...

    Enjoy and . . .
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    Along the lines of what c farmer told you, would your set up allow you to grill it over charcoal with wood added to the charcoal?  That would kind of give you the best of both worlds and you would be able to get the tbs rolling, even if it is only for a little bit.  I haven't done it in my smoker, but I've done it over a campfire and there is nothing like it.

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