Smoking on a char grillers Akorn

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bigwalk, Nov 26, 2014.

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    Hi all,

       Have done a lot of smoking with a vertical propane smoker and always knock it out of the park. Tonight, I have been enlisted to help my brother smoke a turkey for the family Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. He has a Char Grillers Akorn but has never done anything except grill burgers with it. I have been "googleing" and You Tubing to try and learn, but figured I should consult the experts here. We have a large bag of lump charcoal and some Hickory chunks. Planning on smoking it overnight so that it is still fresh tomorrow for the feast. Here are my questions:

    -How much charcoal should I place in the grill and how much wood for an eight hourish smoke?

    -How do yalll light your Akorns for smoking? He has a charcoal chimney but I feel like that would get it too hot and we would have trouble getting the temperature down

    -How should I gate back the bottom and top vents to get the temperature right?

    -How long could the turkey rest in a cooler before we slice it up?

    -Any other tips are greatly appreciated as I have never smoked anything but chickens on my smoker. I am wooried this is going to be a "Christmas Vacation" turkey. Thanks for the help!

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    I'd move this post to poultry for more responses !

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