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    Hello.  I am fairly new to the Masterbuilt electric smoker (only had it since Christmas) and REALLY new to the cold smoking side of things.  I just bought the Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment.  I bought it so I could cold smoke cheese and add some additional smoke to my beef and pork.  First of all, here is how I set it up so that I don't have to detach it if I don't want to.  I had an extra furniture dolly in the attic, and I added some extra 1x4" pieces of wood and the cold smoker and the attachment sit on the furniture dolly.  I can easily roll the smoker out of the garage and back whenever I want to use them.  Even when I didn't have the cold smoker attachment, I still put the smoker on this dolly and it makes it very convenient to move around.  You can get the furniture dolly for about $20 at Lowe's, Home Depot etc.  

    As for the cold smoking of the was just eh.  I was pretty disappointed.  I smoked it with apple wood for about 4 hours watching the internal temperature and made sure it never got over 90 degrees F.  I smoked a 2" thick round of provolone on a hot humid 80 degree day.  I used ice in the liquid pan to keep it cool.  The color of the cheese did not change dramatically and the flavor is smoky but not in a good way.  It kind of tastes like bitter, like "burning, wet rolled up newspapers."  I know that doesn't sound pleasant but I don't know how to describe it.  I don't know what I did wrong.  The only thing that I could think that might have gone wrong is that I had a couple of flare ups in the cold smoking chimney when I was refueling the attachment (putting more wood chips in the chimney).

    Any suggestions to get the smokey flavor with out wet newspaper taste would be greatly appreciated.  HELP!!

  2. You have to let the cheese mellow in the fridge or below 60° for 2 weeks. If you don't allow the rest time it is normally bitter. You should also see a color change as you smoke. I smoke mainly to color.

    I use a MES 40 with AMNPS.



    I hope that will fix your problem.

    Happy smoken.


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