Smoking Meat Book - I Need Great Recipe Submissions

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    Congratulations Jeff. This is awesome, I hope it does really REALLY well and you can spend your days sitting on the beach sipping Margaritas.

    Remember when you're ready to go to work on that TV show, be sure to let me know.
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    simple and very flavorful time-proven mop/sprtiz for pork and beef:

    1 cup dr. pepper
    2/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce
    1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil

    blend together, put it in a spray bottle and spritz meat on all sides whenever you open the lid (which shouldn't be too often) to check on it, rotate etc. it is a good idea to blend the mop right before each use in order to emulsify the oil into the mixture.


    simple, very tasty finishing glaze (attributed to danny gaulden)

    1/3 cup yellow mustard
    1/3 cup dark brown sugar
    1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

    stir together over low heat on stovetop until everything is dissolved and wll-blended. cover and cool. brush on ribs or PPB just a few minutes before taking off the grate, then once more as they come off the grate.


    both recipes above can be modified according to taste (ponzu rather than soy sauce, orange pop rather than dr. pepper, etc. - using ketchup rather than mustard in the finishing glaze provides a very nice application for barbecued beef items!)
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    got so eager to provide those recipes above that i forgot to mention - this is an awesome project! congratulations and many, many thanks for including the members in the search!
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    Thanks everyone.. keep 'em coming. Anything that you think is a prize winner is game.

    Smoked pizza sounds great SilverWolf636, if you think it is great, I will give it a shot. Send it on[​IMG]
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    Here is a Potato Salad that gets lots of good reviews
    Good luck with the book

    Gary’s Potato Salad

    Serves 10
    Go the local deli and have them cut you one slice each of these meats. Each slice should be about the thickness of your little finger.

    Soprasetta - these slices will be about 3” round
    Hard Salami - you want the larger one about 3” round
    Ham – this is going to be about a 3 X 4 “ hunk - cut this in half and save for another use

    Cut these into small chunks then throw them into a food processer and fine chop into little pieces and set aside for assembly

    10 small potatoes
    1/2 - 3/4 medium onion chopped ( depends on your taste)
    Thawed frozen peas - green beans - white corn 2 cups combined - more corn and peas than green beans
    Mayo to taste -
    Garlic Powder to taste
    Salt to taste
    Pepper to taste

    Boil the potatoes and save the water
    Cool the potatoes and the water until well chilled
    Peel and cube the potatoes

    Assemble in layers

    Add in the potatoes, onion, meat, veggies, mayo (large spoonful per layer), spices in layers and mix with your hands when done- add a little of the water for moisture - the potatoes are going to absorb a lot of the mayo and water - I start with 1/4 cup water before I add any additional mayo

    Chill and taste after an hour or so and adjust mayo and seasonings. Chill for 3-4 hours
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    And all OTBS members get a FREE copy of said book when it's written and printed right??? [​IMG]
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    I second this [​IMG]
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    Sounds like a great deal Jeff, congratulations. I only wish I could contribute to it, but you know, still in the learning stages here. Will for sure get a copy of it when it comes out. Just keep us posted.

    What was that? 25% off the book for smf members?

    Hint hint, wink wink[​IMG]...LOL

    Can't wait till it comes out, look forward to it. Congrats again.
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    that would be the leatherbound version i think!!![​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]!! Congrats and good luck on this journey! I also would love a signed copy once they are published, maybe your publishers would work out a deal for all of us SMF members [​IMG]?. Hope you have fun and I can just imagine all of the brain power at work right now on the SMF trying think up various ways to assist you-LOL!!
    Once again, congrats and good luck!! DA
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    Congratulations Jeff. Sounds Like an awesome Project you have in front of you.

    Have you considered a chapter on "Camp Recipes"? If so I may have some good ones for you
  12. Jeff,

    You have many experts here to choose from and I am relatively new to the "sport" of smoking - but I would like to share something from this past Thanksgiving.
    We put on the Thanksgiving spread at our house and I smoke a Turkey and a ham plus all the sides and family and friends bring deserts, drinks, etc.

    I am known for my oyster stuffing and wanted to try something different I saw somewhere.
    I made stuffing (toasted white and wheat bread, sautéed onions, garlic, celery, chicken broth and some standard spices and then used greased muffin tins instead of a regular pan - placed a nice spoonful of stuffing in each "tin" and spread up the sides to make a small bowl - then I placed an oyster in each bowl then spooned more stuffing over and lightly packed down.
    Baked at 350 until nice and brown on top - each individual "muffin" came out perfect, crunchy all around the out side and moist inside with the oyster inside just right. It was the hit of the day and all anyone talked about.
    I will be making all my stuffing/dressing this way from now on.

    Regards, Gary (aka igolf2)
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    First - Thank you for all you have done on SMF.

    The recipe/process below is for smoked Tri-Tip.
    I'm guessing you will name it what you want, but if you are giving credits out, I call it "Garchar's Tantilizing Tri-Tip".

    I marinade the tri-tip in the following for at least three days:
    Equal parts of:
    Orange Juice - tenderizes and adds a sweet flavor (can also use Lemon Juice).
    Soy Sauce
    I use 1/2 a cup of each in a zip lock bag, turning and massaging each day for at least three days, no more than five - in the fridge of course.

    I pull the tri-tip from the bag, and season it up with any and everything I would use on a prime rib - just a good steak seasoning or salt and pepper, garlic and onion salt.

    I then cook them in my "Barrel-Q" - a more rough version of the UDS. I just have a charcoal grate in the bottom of mine, and rods across the top for hanging and suspending the meat. I'll attach a picture.
    I use two chimmenys of charcoal, one piled on each side, light and let burn down. I then add a large chunck of hickory on each pile, and smoke for 45 minutes.
    This is a hot fire - cooking around 400 degrees. It seers the outside and leaves the middle a good medium rare. This is one of my favorite pieces of meat and thought it would catch your attention given the fact that it isn't a multi hour process - something for beginners maybe.

    I hope you try this.

    Jeff, this should give you an idea of the way my barrel is set up. The fire grate is standard, about 4" fromthe bottom. The hooks are stainless steel 3/16 rods that can be picked up from the hardware store. This is a 30 gal barrel, and as you can see, you can stack 8 TT's in it. This was for an event for my company. Just getting ready to pull them.
    thanks for looking.
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    are you taking orders for the book yet? I would get one of them signed books also. Betty crocker aint got anything on ya. congrats...
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    Congratultions Jeff, looking forward for the the release of the first edition of your book ( and signed ) LOL [​IMG]
  17. Congratulations Jeff & Family! I would send you novel recipes and creative ideas, however, I learned all I know from you! Again, congratulations...

    Jenks, Oklahoma
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    Congratulations Jeff!!! Here is a good jerky recipe;

    1 lb ground venison
    1 1/2 teas. hickory smoke salt
    1/2 teas. garlic salt
    1/2 teas. onion salt
    1 teas. tender quick
    1/4 teas. ground black pepper
    1/4 teas. cayenne

    Use a jerky shooter or press to make strips or sticks as desired.

    I use the hickory smoke salt if I dehydrate (usually 5 hrs. at 140F.) but if in the smoker I just use the real wood smoke instead.
    Good luck with the book
    Doug Basquez
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    Well deserved Congrats to you, Jeff! I'm not sure I could contribute anything original because practically every recipe I use was "borrowed" from these forums. It's one of the many things about SMF that I love: everyone shares so freely with each other. It's about time that you and the many other talented folks here had their due. I can't wait to have my own copy![​IMG]
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