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  1. Hello smokers. I just inherited a Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe and I'm looking to get to work right away with it. I have 2 racks of spare ribs and I'm planning on doing 3-2-1 with them, but I want to give a pork butt a try too. Any tips or advice for my first time smoking a boston butt? What type of charcoal and wood work best? And do I put water in the pan? appreciate your help
  2. Hi berm welcome to the site.  I use kingsford briquettes for smoking, as for wood hickory goes well with pork.  The water pan is a matter of preference, I use one most of the time, especially on a long smoke like a butt.  Hope this helps, and keep on smokin'.
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  4. So here is what I ended up with. The ribs turned out dry, I forgot to spray over the first few hours and they turned out almost like jerkey. But the pork saved the day. I sprayed every hour and used a finishing sauce as I pulled. Everyone got seconds, so it was a hit. I'll try ribs and pork again for Father's Day hopefully with better results on the ribs.

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    [​IMG]  to the forums Berm!

    Looking good, I'm going to be trying my hand at some pork butt this weekend myself. I found that my spares turned out tough and dry like jerky as well when I tried some last weekend. Now to be fair I did get a spare rib pre-sauced from the club store but I thought it would be worth a shot, my next attempt I think I'll prep from start to end myself. My family prefers baby backs for the shorter times to cook and more meat that it seems like you get but I'm down for trying anything.

    Gonna whip up a batch of SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce (you can find the recipe on this site) to top the pulled pork off with.

    Keep up the good work.


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