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  1. I'm new to the forum, but have already found some great info here. I currently have an Oklahoma Joe's Highlander offset smoker.  I seasoned it and cooked a couple of chickens as a test run.  For the price it does the job, but there are some serious leaks that I'll be sealing with 1000 degree rated oven gasket tape.  I have also decided that I will be converting this into a reverse flow smoker, with a little help from my buddies in the fab shop at work.  This is my second smoker, but my first mod project.  I can't wait to see the results, get better, and begin my first build.
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    Hey there fellow 'almost' Phoenician. I have a little leaking in my Mastercraft Dual Pro gasser, but never messed with it. It helps me with not having to control the dampers so much. Also those 'leaks' right into the neighbors yards and I get this question over the fence all the time - When is dinner? GRIN!

    Enjoy. Make sure you sign up for the weekly Smoking forums newsletter. Great recipes come out every Thursday via email.
  3. It's true, because I'm pretty sure I had my whole block hungry :) I will check out the newsletter for sure. Looking forward to swapping ideas and recipes on here. Nice meeting you Bill!
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