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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by skyclad, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I wanted to ask you guys at what low temperature outside do you decide to "wait another day" due to it affecting the performance of your smoker.  It's been very cold here lately, but getting ready to get even colder..  I'm dying to get out there and smoke something though, since I got a 22.5 WSM for Christmas.. (I've had one small smoke so far and love this thing...!).  Just wondering what a general temp "cut off point" might be..

    Thanks in advance for any info you guys might have...
  2. b haven

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    It's currently 12 degrees here in snow covered New England... Just smoked a Boston Butt.

    Gotta watch the temp a little closer and stay out of the wind... And, wear a coat.

  3. lemans

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    I did a brisket here in New Jersey it was 9 degrees when I started!!! What's wrong with us?
  4. garyinmd

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    Rack of pork tomorrow, high is -16. I am using a MES so won't have to stay out and babysit

  5. Started my pork butt at about 9 this morning on the 18.5" WSM and it was 18 degrees... now at noon central time it's down to 13 and heading lower toward zero by tonight.

    been maintaining right around 210 on the in-top thermometer and about 235 in the center of the cook space for a while, but it's definitely going through charcoal a little quicker as I'm finding myself needing to add some hot stuff from a chimney twice so far to keep it going.

    I used the minion method, but it seems like maybe in ultra low temps, maybe having the hot coals on the bottom might be a little better way to go? 

    Not sure.... I'm new to this, so any advice from anyone would be appreciated... still aiming to have it done for dinner... fingers crossed.
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