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    To some of you that have seen the pictures of the "hogzilla pork bellie" this is the continuing saga. Now it goes along with a tiny 10lb bellie to boot. So they have been in the refrig curing for 9 days and I have to smoke them for some of my old and soon to be new friends at Jerry's North Florida Gathering. He has asked me to supply some bacon. Now I'm off to the bellie store for more so we will have plenty. Anyway here the bellie again to refresh your memories.


    Well this is what it looked like before they went into the smoker. A side by side look


    Remember ones 10lbs+ and then you have the 18lber is on the top. It's only about 2 7/8" thick.


    Now for the smaller model the 10lber is the one thats below this and Hog is above it.


    Now I thought I should smoke them seprately but nooooo I had to try and smoke them together and the pool wasn't big enough. I cut the smaller one in half and and hung it.


    And here's the other half and some never tried before bacon out of wild pig parts.


    Ok well the smaller of the two is done I think after about 10 hours in the smoking so here's a side view of it laying on the cutting board. Oh yea their both smoked over some cherry chunks.


    I had to also cut Hogzilla in half and here she is. Awaiting the smoker today.


    So wish me luck on the rest but I really can't wait to slice theses puppies up specially the wild pig parts. Today I'm gonna finish smoking Hogzilla and it will have to wait till I get to Jerry's next week for he has a big slicer, mine just won't do the job. Well here's a pic I just ran out and took now your really up to date. Sorry for the picture quailty but there all from my phone.


    Thanks and I hope you liked it as much as some of us will soon enough.

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    I didn't think it was possible, but that looks a little better than perfect!

    Can't wait to see some slices!

    Take your camera with you to The Piney woods!

    Bacon loving,

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    Nice looking  bacon Mark...
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    Would love to have a taste of that, but unfortunately we won't be able to make the gathering.   [​IMG]
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    Oh believe me Bear there will be a bnch of cameras at Jerry's place. This is only some of the bacon that I'm bringing for this thing. There's gonna be more food then I'm sure we all can eat. I have been to a few of theses and I take home more then I eat most times. This one will be the biggest and I'm looking foward to meeting all the new friends and stealing as many recipes that I can get. We will all share everything just like we do here too. 
  6. Man that turned out good!!!! yet another thing to add to my list of things to smoke!
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    Now that's smoking, great job!
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    Man O Man that looks tasty.. Nice job[​IMG]
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    Mark please tell me your going to wrap that around some ABT's and MOINKs next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
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     No way Tim this stuff will be too good for the Abt's and moink balls. This will be for morning breakfast and maybe some BLT's. MMmmmm maybe I should make mre the 3 bellies.
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    Hey Mark that looks great. I would have a hard time waiting to get into that bad boy.
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    That is a GREAT job and it really looks good....I got to get me some Wild Hog and it should not be to hard....the only reason that I have not made any bacon is I do not have a slicer nor do I know anyone who does...

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