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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bearhunter, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. bearhunter

    bearhunter Newbie

    Just finished building a 80 gallon smoker and I dont know how to smoke except on a small brinkmann up right. Do I need water in it, what temp, how long, how long covered, how long uncovered any help would be appreciated. Tomorrow I will smoke 4 chickens , 2 pheasants and a pork butt.

  2. ellymae

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    Hey Bear - congrats on the new cooker. We probably need a little more info then it's an 80 gallon smoker - are we talking an offset?

    When I cook ribs, butts, and brisket I like to shoot for 230ish degrees - nice and low. I start figuring 1.5 hours/ pound then add 2-3 hours. The one thing you don't want to do is rush your cook.

    I like to do chickens hotter - 275 - 325 to crisp the skin - nothing like rubbery chicken skin to ruin your appetite. One thing you can do is (if you hare running an off-set) is to put your butt on early, the chickens shouldn't take more then 2-3 hours tops - when you do put the chickens on put them on closer to the fire box.

    Do you need water? I sometimes put a pan of water close to my fire box, but it's not a necessity.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out!
  3. eman

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    you shouldnt need water and the temps are pretty much the same no matter what kind of unit you use.

    smoke the meat just like you would on your other smoker.
  4. bearhunter

    bearhunter Newbie

    I cut my phone line while putting in a corner post and could not get on here to use your advice so I did the best I could.

    My smoker temp was 225-250 from 1pm till 7pm, covered meat with garlic salt.

    After 1.5hr looked at it and the meat looked so smokey that I thought it would be no good.

    Wraped it in tin foil for the rest of the time checked internal temp on chickens, ribs, pork loin, and pheasant all were good. No one even used any bbg sauce. It was a success.

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