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  1. We love eating ham (like you would buy for Thanksgiving), and I was wondering what cut of meat I would need to get to be close to this type of pork.  I also would like to know what kind of prep work goes into this before smoking.  I have read some other posts on brining ham shanks, etc, for weeks before smoking but I don't know if this applies here.  Thanks for any help.
  2. if your looking for the type of ham you get at a store it would be a fresh ham or 1/2 a fresh ham,you could use a shoulder  "picnic ham" i've used pork butt in the past using pop's cure method, which you need to soak 1 day for every 1/4 inch of thickness plus 2 days, if i remember right. and then smoke it.if you what it to be ham you need to cure it somehow, lot's of methods on this site.if you don't cure it it will just taste like a smoked pork roast. good luck
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    I don't know exactly what your looking for, but most of us just buy a smoked ham & smoke it again.

    Or if you can find a cured but uncooked ham they really smoke up good.


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