Smoking & Grilling in Central Florida

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  1. Hi Folks I'm Pearson. Cooking has always been my passion and I believe EVERYTHING can be cooked on the grill, bathed in smoke & fire then served with LOVE! I have three grills in service: 1) SS CharmGlow 5 burner with Aftermarket 15K Cast Iron Burners & 12K side burner (87K BTU's!!!) and an aftermarket Rotisserie; 2) Brinkmann 52" Charcoal Grill with adjustable crank and 3 (loaned by a great friend) a Custom Trailer Rig with a 150 gallon smoker grill, industrial propane eye burner, 3 cooler stalls, SS cutting table and 20 gallon barrel grill.

    I LOVE cooking for my friends/family as the best times in my life have always been centered around food preparation and partaking, of course lol.  Actually I grew up in a Church Kitchen watching my Mom prepare and serve for hundreds.  Cooking came naturally for me and I benefitted from all those days of helping the 'Hearts of Gold' Kitchen Crew. I started grilling in my early teens for my Boy Scout Troop and never looked back!!!        .     

    Check out my photos and you'll see how I practice what I preach...AND finally don't you feed me no swine!!  
  2. Hello and Welcome to our addiction.  Many good folk here with a load of experience that they are more than willing to share.  If you have specific questions just start a thread and someone with experience will be along soon to offer advice.  Spend some time doing some research on the forums, tons of advice and recipes already available there.  We look forward to your contributions.  Have fun.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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  3. Hey Pearson, hello and welcome from East Texas, be looking forward to seeing your post and pictures.

    Gary S
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  4. Welcome to the group. Sounds like one heck or a group of rigs you have there. Good luck and keep smoking.
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  5. Thanks to you all for such a warm welcome. It's so in line with all the great people I have met who share our passion. I have already learned some great insights from the many articles and posts. THANK YOU!!!

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