Smoking cushion for pulled pork

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  1. Long time reader, first time poster here.

    I am doing 22lbs of cushion for PP on Tuesday night. I ordered the meat from my normal butcher, but when I picked it up I noticed that its chunks of cushion instead of just two 11lb slabs like I asked for. Each chunk is prob 2-4lbs each. My question is, will this affect my cooking times when it comes time to throw it in the smoker? I have a Masterbuilt 30 inch propane, usually when I do 10lb butts it takes about 13 hours, but I am afraid the chunk meat will cook faster and uneven with each other. 

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. c farmer

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    They will cook a lot faster than the 11 lb ones.

    As the smaller ones get done, towel them and into a cooler until the bigger ones get done.

    Then cooler the big ones for a bit.

    Will turn out great
  3. Thanks, thats what I was thinking. Just wanted to get some expert advice.
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    [​IMG]  ,[​IMG]
  5. Remember the thinner the meat the faster it cooks


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