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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sizzlnchef, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. sizzlnchef

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    OK I need help. I want to know for 1/2 chickens what is smoker temp, how do I keep skin crisp, what wood is best,I have apple??? Do I have to brine the chicken first? plesae help!!!!

    Chicken smoker in PA(lol)
  2. walking dude

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    did you do a search on it............ahhh.......i thought not

    top of go to advanced search..........type in the key word box........WITH quotes "smoked chicken"........then check the topic only reply's

    kinda like i just did
  3. walking dude

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    yeah links for some reason don't last long here........check back in about a hour.........yours won't werk either...............

    thats why i mentioned how to put what in where in search.......cause i knew the link wasn't going to last
  4. Oh ok, I didnt know that. Wonder what thats all about?
  5. mcp9

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    i didnt know that either.
  6. desertlites

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    howdy chef,I gonna let these boys dance between themselves and try to give u a answer-I don't do chicken anymore without a brine ( it's so much better)If I smoke chicken it will be butterflied and hot smoked 300-325 till close to done-than will go on the grill, baste and crisp up the skin-and always if doing chicken with other meats keep the chicken on the lower rack! don't want bird juice dripping on other meats. go to poultry threads and read up others posts.
  7. travcoman45

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    Hey chef: Here is how I do mine, Start smoker temp at 250 - 275*, brined bird (always) Spritz each hour. Your shooting for an internal temp of near 170*. At about 150* I'd crank the heat up to around 325* to help crisp that skin, a good spritz will also help with the skin, but remember, you are smoking not frying, it is not goin to get like fried chicken. Apple wood is very nice for poultry, but I like hickory to. Hickory will be a stronger smoke flavor then the apple, that is goin to be a personal choice. Hope this helps.
  8. rivet

    rivet Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I keep my smoker around 225-250F and make sure the airflow is generous. Hickory is my favorite for smoking chicken, but apple is darn good. Matter of fact, a couple weekends ago I smoked some chicken with applewood and it was really good. I was trying out some new rubs I found ( and they were awesome! Heard you can find them through Amazon too. Anyway, the skin should crisp up real nice if you are patient and don't peek while keeping the temp stable. A rub with a higher sugar content is going to caramelize faster and therefor giv e you crisper skin sooner- the raspberry chipotle rub I used did that since it was sweeter than the other ones I tried. Hope this helps!
  9. davenh

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    Brining will give you the best results. As for the skin..I think a oil spray is helpful to crisp the skin. I just spray it with pam a couple times during the smoke. Temps will be the biggest factor. At 225° it might brown up ok with some juice mopped on, but will be rubbery and will be a longer cook time. At 275° it won't quite be crispy, but not rubbery and somewhat ok. At 300+ just like your oven baking, should be crispy. My $.02..good luck, either way you'll enjoy it [​IMG] .
  10. smokin for life

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    Chef, there is no real reason to go low and slow with a chicken. Go ahead and crank it up to at least 325. As far as brining goes, definitly brine it. It'll make a world of differance.
  11. master_dman

    master_dman Meat Mopper

    So far I've brined all my poultry.. don't even really want to try NOT brining it yet. Maybe after several more chicken/turkey smokes I'll be in the mood for something else and give it a try.
  12. WD you have to remember that most people who ask questions here are new here and probably not aware of the search feature. Your sarcasm is not helpful, there are TACTFUL ways to point out the search feature.

    I agree with the post that said apple wood is best for chicken. Find some apple wood you will not be sorry! Academy Sports has it in the 10# bags.
  13. walking dude

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    ahhh....sorry if i offended bad..............even tho the search feature IS a sticky..............
  14. crewcab4x4

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    If you have a deep fryer, smoke the chicken for 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. then deep fry it. I read a thread about with turkey should be just as good with a yardbird. That will get you your smoke and crisp skin.
    Hope this helps.

  15. jerkyaddict

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    sizzl- you see the diversity in all these post's you get a few ways to start
    from , snowflake lessons no cook does two things the same everyone has awesome idea's and most of them will not upset your taste wichever you choose.....if there was a ten step program for smoking....i think the s.m.f.
    step program would be like the pyramid's or the great wall of
    get an idea or two or five hundred and before you know it you are back at the forum throwin your own twist at whatevers in the smoke...wait i said no cook does two thing's the same............sorry thats wrong-brine the bird....then get crafty and post some tasty qview for all [​IMG]
  16. superdave

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    I love to blend woods. Apple, hickory, almond and some times even through in some sugar maple. The blended flavors make it unique and not too strong of any one flavor.

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