Smoking Cheese In MES 30"

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by bfelgar, May 30, 2011.

  1. I have a MES 30" and tried doing cheese in it using a smoke daddy.  The smoke daddy created way too much smoke and

    I ended up with creosote covered cheese.  Tried it again with a pc fan pumping air into the chip loader.  It helped but still too much smoke and creosote tasting cheese.

    I was thinking about getting an amaze n smoker as everyone seems to like this as a better option.  My question is, how much does the amaze n smoker raise the temp inside the mes 30?  Has anyone created something to put the AMZNS into and pipe through the chip loader hole? 
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    Bear's answers in Red above.
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    The AMNS will not raise the temp in your MES enough to worry about. Sorry you had to experience the creosote pumper before you chatted with us here.  If it is a warm summer day, add a pan of ice to the smoker to keep the temps down. I will make you this guarantee. If you dont like the AMNS send it to me and I have several friends who will buy it from you.
  4. Thanks for the info.  I think I'll be ordering the AMNS soon. 
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    The AMNS will raising the internal temp of your smoker 12° +/-, but this can depend on ambient temps and if you light 1 or both ends.  I would not smoke cheese when it's 90° outside.  Most of us use a jug of ice to help keep the temps down, when it's warm outside.

    If you can't get along with it, return it and I'll send your $$$ back.


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    How's that for customer service!!!   [​IMG]
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    Bear's answers in Red above.

    This is how we keep our MES cool:

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    The AMNS is great for smoking Cheese, I use mine all the time...
  9. You guys are awsome! I went home last night and ordered up one. Just wish I would have talked to you guys sooner. Now I gotta plug a hole in my
  10. tjohnson

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    Got the order.....THANKS!

    I'll send along some bubblegum for the hole

  11. Got my AMNS yesterday (Thanks Todd).  Gave the cheese one more shot and I think it's going to turn out just right.



    Loaded it in my MES with frozen water bottle.  The AMNS fit perfectly on the side of my smoker box.  I took the wood chip tray and wood loader out so there would be good air flow for the AMNS.


    Smoked for 2 hours with one end of AMNS burning.  then lit the other end for the last hour just to see the difference in smoke production


    Cheese finished off beautifully!  Vacuum sealed and in the fridge for the two week wait...(oh yea, the cheese sticks showed up half way in when my 2 yr old boy decided he wanted to smoke some cheese too.)


    Thanks to all you guys for your help steering me in the right direction.
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    Nice pictures!!!

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    Same here!

  14. What kind of Amazen is that? I ordered a 6x8 a month ago and it doesn't look like that... Your cheese looks excellent. It has great color...[​IMG]
  15. gotarace,

    It's a 5 3/8x8 design that Todd had just got in.  It's supposed to burn pellets as well as dust, though I've only used it with dust this one time.  I'm going to do a couple of pork butts this weekend for a dinner my girl's putting on Sunday.  Think I'll try some hickory pellets to see how it works.
  16. Thanks for the reply bfelgar...looks like the triangle row dividers will cure the row jumping problem on hot smokes...[​IMG]
  17. bearcarver

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    5 3/8" X 8" ???

    OK, that's the new one made to fit on the bars, to the left of the chip burner of an MES 30. A 6 X 8 won't fit there.

    Todd fixed that old problem. He had me measure my MES 30 (mine was 5 5/8" wide there), and went from there. He's always improving his products!

  18. Yea it fit on the bars perfectly.  Looks like it was designed specifically for that model of smoker.   The triangle rows should help from row jumping, although I am a completely new owner and only going on logic.  do you think the difference between pellets and dust will be longer or more smoke?  Or is it just for convenience?
  19. Bearcarver,

    Mine's 5 5/8" too.  (brain fart)
  20. bearcarver

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