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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by aztiger98, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Anyone out there who has smoked cheese on a Brinkman electric smoke-n-grill? I want to try that this week, but not sure how to do it on my equipment.
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    I don't have that smoker but if you can't generate smoke and keep the smoker temp under 90°F, you will not get it done. You can experiment with keeping the temp down adjusting the temp as low as you can. If there is no control, filling the water bowl with Ice or a layer of frozen bottles of water between the coil and the rack of cheese may help, with frequent replenishing. The other option is to purchase a AMNTS Pellet Smoke Generator from... and leaving the smoker off. Since you only need 2-4 hours of smoke, the 12" will get the job done at a reasonable price. The more expensive option would be a Router Speed Controller. You plug the smoker into it and adjust the coil temp to stay under 90°...JJ
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