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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokenmyeyes, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. How is everyone ? been a while since my last visit. here is todays smoke 2 butts on the smoker now temps at 145 now its sit and wait (that stall phase) i injected them with apple juice,moore's mairn. ,texas pete,worsh. sauce. rub them with basic pork rub. cant wait till its done gona post final q-view then Brian [​IMG]

  2. Looks good so far.
  3. sorry I had trouble with the pics[​IMG]
  4. waysideranch

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    Mighty fine looking smoke SmkinmyI.
  5. Well its been 12 hrs now & my butt just hit 160 about 9:00pm one is 7.5 lbs& the other is 7lbs. hopefully they will hit 185 by 11:00 then i can foil till 200 I sould have final q-view tonight. or tomorrow. yall be good Brian
  6. bb53chevpro

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    Looks great so far.
  7. lawdog

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    good to hear from u again, keep us posted on the butts
  8. [​IMG] Well I got rained out I had to bring the butts in I tried to wait it out all that got me is soaked when I brought them in lol,but we need the rain so i wont grip had to put them in the oven to finish.
  9. hello again here is my pulled butts one is allready pulled & I'm working on the other one. I have a side of smoke sausage & Lexington style slaw (my first attempt at making bbq slaw ) it was really good it wont be my last either. I got a pretty good smoke ring too. my son gave me the thumbs up on the bbq. that means alot coming from a 7 year old. somtimes its is hard to please them. it was a really long day & night not sure why it took so long about 14-15 hrs before I got rained out . yall be good Brian

  10. daboys

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    Nice job Brian. Looks everything turned out great dispite the rain. I think we have all been rained out before. Ya see those blacks clouds and your heart kinda drops to your stomach. Sit it out or bail. I bailed and used the oven.
  11. dennisdocb

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    Nice job Brian...Hey as for the rain it happens...If you can get about 6-7 hours worth of smoke they'll still be great finished in the oven..been there done that[​IMG]

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